Smoke Update: Airdrie Children’s Festival

We are continuing to monitor the Air Quality Health Index Canada to determine our course of action for Saturday. It is recommended that you cancel all outdoor activities when the index hits seven and not resume again to it hits six.

It was looking really good up until two hours ago but they have now updated the forecast for tomorrow so it is touch and go.

It is currently 10+ with an updated forecast of 6 for tomorrow.

We will continue to monitor throughout the evening and will make a final determination at 6am tomorrow morning. We will send out an email to this address at this time.

Unfortunately if we have to close it down for Saturday, that day is lost. We will not be able to reschedule or change.

If that happens, we will hope that everything will be a go for Sunday.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. It is truly disappointing as we do not want to let down a whole lot of kids.

Pete and the entire AFC board.