Frequently Asked Questions

The Airdrie Children's Festival was created by the Airdrie Children's Festival Society, a local not-for-profit group.

Q. Why did you start the society?

A. Our board of directors are all residents of Airdrie who are active and engaged parents. We all love our community and desired to see an organization and event that we could be proud of and that would inspire our children to be curious and to aspire to great things!

Q. Is the ACFS affiliated with any groups or organizations?

A. ACFS is a completely independent society with no affiliations to other charities, societies, religious organizations or government agencies.

Q. Where does the money go that is raised?

A. One hundred percent of all money provided to the society goes to honouring our commitment to enriching the lives of children and celebrating our cultural diversity. We use a very small amount to cover our annual insurance, web hosting costs and some minor office expenses but the rest goes directly to putting on our annual festival.

Q. Is the Airdrie Children's Festival appropriate for all ages?

A. Our target is children aged 4-12, but we promote this as a family friendly event because we hope parents will engage their children in discussion after the event to further enhance the experience and learning opportunities. We also hope that older children will engage by getting involved as volunteers.

Q. Are donations eligible to receive a tax deductible receipt?

A. No. While we are a not-for-profit organization, we are not a registered charity.

Q. How can you put on the event for free?

A. One of our society goals is that the festival needs to be inclusive - which for us means free for all to attend. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, our festivals will be free for everyone to attend. While we can’t promise this will always be the case, we really desire the event to be accessible to everyone. And the best way to do that is to have the event free, or close to it.