imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

–The Cheshire cat

Inspiration Stations

Inspiration Stations are truly the bread and butter of our festival, it’s what makes us unique!

Through the Inspiration Station activities, we want kids to learn through a form of play, but we also want young people to see the leaders in these centres as role models, and think about future career possibilities. For example, a staff member from the Zoo with small reptiles to share might inspire a dream of a degree in biology. A leader teaching landscape painting might raise the possibility of becoming a movie set designer.
Our goal is to try to present high level career opportunities with groups that typically may not be showcased.

Each year we have over 20 Inspiration Stations hosted by local businesses, community groups and more.

"We want kids attending this event to have fun, be captivated and curious,” said Pete Lewis, founder. “We want young people to not only have fun, but also to see opportunities for their futures. We want them to know they can aspire to be biologists, aircraft technicians, farmers, or any other career they choose."