Calgary Children’s Choir

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Shilo Storey – REMAX First Entertainment Stage

Saturday, June 1, 11:00 am

A sense of community, fellowship and caring for one another has always been the hallmark of the Calgary Children’s Choir. This is in abundant evidence during the choir camp each fall at Camp Horizon.

Maintaining  balance in the development of the child as a musician, performer and responsible citizen is an important part of the Choir’s philosophy. The Calgary Children’s Choir teaches the highest quality repertoire to the highest standard while promoting this development. The discipline of regular practice, formal choir presentations, international tours and involvement in community events are the means by which this balanced development is pursued. In its 32nd season, the Calgary Children’s Choir proudly looks back on its many varied activities and performances.

Choristers take part in many music festivals and joint performances with local performers and groups as well as performances in senior residences and other care facilities. In addition, the choir has completed nine tours; the most recent ones to the Shizuoka Music Festival in Japan in 2006 and Ottawa in 2007.